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Western Red Cedar Fencing in Spring, TX

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Custom Fences and Gates highly recommends choosing western red cedar fencing in Spring and the surrounding areas. Whatever you have in mind, we are capable of creating a custom fencing solution including the use of the western red cedar. You may be envisioning a privacy fence or maybe a simple picketed fence. With our western red cedar fencing in Spring and throughout the North Houston area, you will not be disappointed in any of your choices.

Benefits of Western Red Cedar Fence Installation: Spring, TX

As a professional fencing contractor, we provide you with the highest quality materials for your western red cedar fence installation in Spring and North Houston areas, along with quality workmanship that will guarantee customer satisfaction. Here are some of the benefits of western red cedar fencing in Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe and the surrounding areas:

  • Decay Resistant. Two very decay resistant extracts included in the natural makeup of western red cedar will cause an increase in the life of your fence. These components are toxic to the environmental compounds that cause decay.
Western Red Cedar Fencing in Spring, TX
  • Termite and Insect Resistant. This wood is avoided by termites and wood borers. The high resistance of the wood causes these types of bugs to die quickly. These insects will not feed from the western red cedar if an alternative wood source is available.
  • All Weather. Due to its natural resistance to decay, moisture and insect damage, western red cedar is an ideal choice of wood for an exposed surface like fencing. When properly finished, this wood can last decades, even in the extremes of Texas weather.
  • Superior Performance. Compared to most common softwoods used in Spring, TX, western red cedar experiences very little shrinkage. This means there is a minimal chance of your fence experiencing any warping, bowing or twisting. This high performance wood guarantees prolonged life of finishes, such as stains and paints, which requires low maintenance for you.

You will not be disappointed with your western red cedar fencing from Custom Fences and Gates! We believe that as a western red cedar fencing company in Spring, we should provide all of our customers with beautiful fences that are completely structurally sound. Let us prove to you that we build beautiful fences!

Call Custom Fences and Gates today at (713) 714-1748 to ask about the benefits of western red cedar fencing in Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Tomball, Humble, and the North Houston Area, Texas.